Felt hat manufacturing process

Hats have been one of the most used garments for centuries, their use represents wealth, social class and elegance, from here several types of hats are born based on various raw materials, in this case we will talk about winter hats whose main function is cover the head from cold and heat in an elegant and exclusive way, for this reason we will show you its elaboration process below

  1. Collection of Raw Material: in this part we proceed to collect the animal fiber that can be alpaca, sheep or rabbit wool, emphasizing that they are animals that produce a large amount of hair where only the excess is used but not in its entirety.
  1. Process of the raw material: once the raw material is obtained, it is introduced into a machine where it is transformed into large extensions of sheets of wool.
  1. Making a hat body: once the sheets of wool are obtained, they are cut and shaped into the hat by hand, leaving a hat with a bell.
  1. Hat pressing: consists of combing the hat by placing it inside a hydraulic press to give it the shape according to the client’s taste
  1. Finishing of the hat: it includes the last phase where the inner nose and the outer band are placed, in addition to the bands.