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Allmontecristi presents to its customers the terms and conditions for purchases made in our virtual store made nationally and internationally at www.ecuadorstores.es

Before the user proceeds to use our online store for any order, it is necessary that he has read and accepted all our exposed conditions.

Dear customer, you must read and accept our terms and conditions prior to any order and use of our online store.

All the terms and conditions are considered accepted by our clients at the time of buying at allmontecristi, it should be noted that once the purchase is made, the person will accept the sales policies of our company.

In case you want wholesale sales, contact info@allmontecristi.com or also fill out our form

Below you will find information about:

  1. About our website
  2. Total Content Author
  3. Warranty
  4. Exchange and return policy
  5. Credit cards and PayPal
  6. Shipment of your order
  7. Stock and reserves
  8. Zero in taxes
  9. Typos
  10. Variable Terms of Use


Allmontecristi is not responsible for possible damages and/or losses caused to the user, when:

There are errors in accessing our website, content or updates to it,

Viruses or any other malware that may threaten the computer security of the user’s system are present,

The user’s navigation within our website and other services we offer is interrupted.


All content displayed on this website, including multimedia, texts, logos, etc., is the exclusive property of allmontecristi. The user can only make purchases and obtain information about our products through this website.

Any type of total or partial plagiarism of this website, as well as its modifications, republications or reproductions, is prohibited, unless a written authorization is submitted with the authorized permission of our company.

All rights not expressly conceived are reserved, and any unauthorized use of our material may be considered a violation of copyright, trademarks and other applicable laws.

If these cases occur, there could be criminal or civil penalties.


Our genuine wool hats are handmade by Ecuadorian artisans, in our catalog images of our product are shown that are very similar, but not the same, because the color varies by the light of the camera.

The deliveries of our hats are made following the quality and production standards within the company. Before shipping, photos are collected of how the product leaves the store to its destination. If something happens to it during its trip, the transport company will position.


It is necessary to emphasize that all shipments we make, whether nationally or internationally, are thoroughly inspected in order to avoid any error or mistake, however, if there is any nonconformity with the product, you must notify us immediately through our email info@allmontecristi.com, with the details of the mishap and the corresponding photos, likewise, the message must be sent during the first 2 days after the shipment, otherwise, no subsequent claim will be accepted.


As has been indicated, allmontecristi has been characterized by making safe shipments, without damage or defects. Despite this clarification, it is necessary to indicate that there may be mishandling by the transport company, which may ultimately affect the state and presentation of the product, in which case it is beyond our responsibility.

To exchange the product, one of the conditions is that the product is in its original state, that is, unused. In addition, it must have the corresponding labels and be in the original box, just as it arrived to the recipient.


For purchases made at our store and workshop in Montecristi, you can use credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club or bank transfers.

In our virtual store, www.allmontecristis.com all credit cards are accepted, it will only be accepted if the Paypal account is verified.

Ecuadorstores does not refund money via paypal once 2 days have passed since the arrival of the product at its destination, in the event that there is any inconvenience, we are willing to solve it in the best way by dialoguing to reach a fair agreement.

It is important that the billing address and telephone number (Bank of your credit card) are well provided, since, if there are errors in said information, it will cause the processing of the order to be delayed.


All our orders begin to be processed the next business day from your request, as long as we have them in stock.

International shipments are made through the fedex courier, with incoterms DAP, this is fast, safe and at home, while national shipments are made through Servientrega. These shipments are made during working days and hours, except for holidays.

It is to be considered that the arrival time of the product to the recipient depends on the transport company and the destination, however, it is worth emphasizing that, for international shipments, the time and arrival of the product may vary from 5 to 6 days, considering that The shipment is made from the headquarters located in Montecristi-Ecuador. Normally for national shipments, the arrival time of the order is 2 to 3 business days.

Delays may arise due to:

  • Meteorological problems such as weather
  • Stock in merchandise
  • Logistics problems: In the transport company
  • There is no one to receive the order: At the time of delivery.
  • Customs processes: Retention and/or revision of the package.

It is important to mention that the customs procedures (payment of taxes or import) will be assumed by the client; In the same way, if the client were to provide an address other than the billing address, another shipment will be charged. Consult internally.

If, on the other hand, the product arrives with a missing element, the client must know that said element will not be replaced, at the time of sending the return of the product, considering, in addition, that it will be inspected to determine the state in which it’s found. In the event that the product shows signs of use, the exchange will not be carried out, the product will be returned immediately to the recipient, considering that it will be the recipient who corresponds with the return costs and customs of origin and destination.

The client will be in charge of choosing the transport company that will return the product to allmontecristi and of corresponding all customs expenses, tariffs and shipments, while the company will carry out the return management.

Once the exchange has been validated, you will carry out the corresponding procedures immediately, and the product will be delivered in approximately 4 to 5 weeks.


All our products are limited according to stock, in some cases the store has similar qualities or grades, in this way it is possible to dialogue with the client to fulfill their order as soon as possible.

In any case, our customers are cordially asked to ask about the stock of our products before placing an order, since, being a handmade item, it is not immediately available, since in most cases it takes weeks and months to prepare and dispose of them again.

In the case of reservations, an order can be reserved, once the payment has been verified and the buyer details have been confirmed.


IMPORTANT: An order can be on hold for up to 7 days, without extension. If payment has not been made within that time, the order will be immediately invalid.


In the event of price errors, whether caused by a typographical error or simply by a mistake in the information received from our customers allmontecristi will proceed to cancel the orders that have been placed under that incorrect price even when the order has already been confirmed.

When we talk about a confirmation, it is through a total or partial payment of the merchandise.

If the customer had already made the payment with his credit card or paypal and the order had also been cancelled, allmontecristi will respond immediately with the charge to the credit card account taking into account the commission that is assumed by the customer, In the event that the order was already under way, an agreement with the client would be reached in the best way without jeopardizing the physical and psychological integrity of the person in charge of the order.


Allmontecristi reserves the strict right to update the terms and conditions and make any changes without prior notice.

In case of making any change, it will be published immediately on our website for its effect, and our clientele will accept such modifications.

Likewise, allmontecristi has the power to modify the order or any part of the website and/or its availability, as well as restrict or suspend your total or partial access to the website at the time you require it.

If you wish to give comments and/or suggestions, or for any information, please contact us.