The allmontecristi virtual store protects the information of our customers online, it is for this reason that on this website you can find and observe everything about us, where we are responsible people with values, thus delivering our best products with the highest fibers. where the customer is comfortable with their purchase, and thus generating confidence in each of the visitors.

Personal information.

On this web page we have a number of promotions and subscriptions where the customer can enter their information with the aim of clearing up any concerns, which will be received by the store’s administration staff, they are in charge of responding As soon as possible, we suggest that our clients be specific in all requests so that the help is efficient and effective.

It should be noted that with the data you send us, we enrich your knowledge via email, about the genuine wool hat made in Ecuador-Montecristi, what is its process, how long does it take to make a hat, what are its shapes, styles and available decorative ribbon colors, personalized wool hats, and the best, weekly and monthly promotions and discounts, both national and international, making it easy for our customers to obtain an exclusive fine wool hat.

Secure payments.

Allmontecristi has a professional group of computer security administrators who do everything possible to provide the client with the confidence corresponding to a secure site, we refer to personal information and transactions.

The protection in transactions that are carried out daily on our website, is the best known means of payment worldwide “PayPal” the same one that has server software and secure encryption of information that guarantees privacy and security, the same that generates trust when customer to make an online purchase of wool hats.

As a reference point of “Paypal” all the data that you enter at the time of making a purchase or payment, be it your names, surnames, address and the corresponding card number, cannot be seen by any other person other than the owner, in During this process, all the information sent will be received by a secure server.