Poncho Alpaca Jack Skellington Skull Unisex


Immerse yourself in mystery and magic with our Poncho Alpaca Jack Skellington Skull Unisex! Inspired by the iconic Jack Skellington character from “The Strange World of Jack,” this poncho handwoven by talented indigenous people of Ecuador combines traditional craftsmanship with pop culture fascination. Each stitch tells a story of skill and dedication. Made with soft and warm alpaca, this poncho is more than a garment, it is a statement of style and passion.

Ideal for lovers of cinema, fashion and authentic craftsmanship. Whether worn on a cool night under the stars or to give a unique and special gift, our Jack Skellington Skull Alpaca Poncho is a must-have piece in any collection. With every purchase, you are supporting the artisanal talent of Ecuador’s indigenous communities. Place your order today and bring home a piece of Andean magic to your door!

Colors: Each piece is created exclusively for you, the colors on each pocho could change a little, remember they are handmade, the design will always be identical!

Material: 80% Alpaca – 20% Acrylic

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