Toquilla straw handbag collection 2024

Toquilla straw handbag collection 2024

Toquilla straw is a plant that grows in the coastal regions of Ecuador, as well as in other countries in South and Central America. Its main characteristic is the flexibility and durability of its fibers, which intertwine to create a resistant but light structure, ideal for making accessories such as hats and, of course, handbags.

The “toquilla straw wallet” is a fashion accessory that has gained popularity in various places around the world due to its unique style and artisanal manufacturing. Made from natural fibers extracted from the toquilla plant, also known as “Ecuador straw”, these wallets are an example of the rich artisan tradition of Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

handbag collection 2024

Making toquilla straw purses is a laborious and completely artisanal process. It begins with the collection of the leaves of the plant, which are then subjected to a drying and treatment process to make them more flexible and malleable. The fibers are then braided or hand-woven to create the desired designs, which can range from simple patterns to elaborate decorations.
Once the bag is made, additional details such as internal linings, closures and straps can be added for greater comfort and functionality. The end result is a unique fashion accessory that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern and versatile style.

Toquilla straw handbags have gained popularity both locally and internationally, being appreciated for their aesthetic beauty, their connection with nature and their contribution to fair and sustainable trade. In addition to being a fashion accessory, they are also a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of Ecuador and other countries in the region, and a way to support local communities that depend on crafts for their livelihood.

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