Poncho Alpaca Virgin Guadalupe Handwoven


Feel the elegance and spirituality with our Poncho Alpaca Virgin Guadalupe Handwoven. Handwoven from fine alpaca, this poncho fuses exquisite craftsmanship with heartfelt devotion. The sacred symbol of the Virgin of Guadalupe México, meticulously embroidered, infuses each strand with her protection and grace. More than a garment, it is a symbol of faith and love.

With international shipping, take with you this unique piece that transcends borders, spreading its message of hope and devotion at every step, ideal gift for your loved one.

Colors: Each piece is created exclusively for you, the colors on each pocho could change a little, remember they are handmade, the design will always be identical!

Material: 80% Alpaca – 20% Acrylic

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