Poncho Alpaca Pachamama Andean Inca Ecuador


Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Andes with our Poncho Alpaca Pachamama Andean Inca Ecuador. Handwoven in Ecuador with the finest alpaca, this poncho fuses Inca tradition with contemporary craftsmanship. Inspired by the majesty of Pachamama, mother earth revered for her fertility and generosity, every detail of this poncho evokes the sacred connection with nature.

With Andean cross designs that represent the union of the elements and the duality of life, this garment is a tribute to ancestral wisdom. Perfect for taking a piece of Andean culture with you to any part of the world. Available with international shipping.

Colors: Each piece is created exclusively for you, the colors on each pocho could change a little, remember they are handmade, the design will always be identical!

Material: 80% Alpaca – 20% Acrylic

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