Poncho Andean Chacana Geometric Aztec Handmade


Discover the magic of craftsmanship with our Poncho Andean Chacana Geometric Aztec Handmade! Each of these stunning ponchos is carefully handwoven by talented indigenous Ecuadorian artisans, honoring centuries of tradition and artisanal skill. Made with natural fibers, each piece is unique in its design and carries with it the soul of the Andean culture.

We send this authentic work of art to the entire world, so you can carry with you not just a poncho, but a story of tradition and pride.”

Colors: Each piece is created exclusively for you, the colors on each pocho could change a little, remember they are handmade, the design will always be identical!

Material: 80% Alpaca – 20% Acrylic

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