Toquilla straw hat quality guide

Toquilla straw hat quality guide

The toquilla straw hats known in the world as Panama hats are distinguished only by the shape of the fabric, since this characteristic greatly influences the cost, the thinner the hat, the more expensive it is.

On the other hand, another characteristic of the hat is that the export qualities can be in white and natural color, while the fine Montecristi hats are only woven in natural color.

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Classification of toquilla straw hats.

Montecristi hats are made on the Coast, due to its very hot climate, the selected toquilla can dry out and break, so it can only be woven in the early hours of the morning, part of the morning and night.

The correct posture to make an original fine hat is unique, the person places their chest inclined downwards where there is a support (popularly called a burrito) accompanied by the hat to be made.

Export quality: they are characterized by having a faster weave that can last from 2 to 5 days. In addition, the climate is an important factor. The cold climate prevents the fiber from breaking, which allows artisans to weave in different positions and in anywhere during the day in high demand.

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Montecristi quality: the fine Montecristi toquilla straw hats are classified into three broad ranges, worldwide they are also classified as fine hat, Premium hat and Golden hat, which you can distinguish in the following images

Fine Hat:

They are characterized by having a qualification that ranges from grade 13 to 20, whose approximate processing time is from 3 weeks to two months.

Premium Hat – Super Fine.

They are characterized by having a career that goes from grade 21 to 30, whose approximate preparation time is 2-6 months

Golden Hats – Extra Fine.

They are characterized by having a career that goes from grade 31 to 60, whose preparation time is approximately 7 months to a year.

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